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Mission Statement

Sacrifice everything, to be known forever. I want to show the world anything is possible through hard work, sacrifice, and determination. As a child I was told to dream big, and that I can do anything I want to in life. I am about to make my dream a reality. I have set out to accomplish one of the hardest endurance challenges in the world, the Transcontinental foot race across America. Our mission is to break the current world record by 24hrs.

The American Runner

"So much GRIT, I will never quit"

My name is Jordan Moon. I left everything I had in Georgia, and moved to Park City, Utah to train for the toughest challenge of my life.


Running changed my life. It showed me you always have more strength, even though you think you have no more. It showed me by doing hard things, you grow as a person. Running is pure. It is just you, and the world. Running can set you free. It promoted my mental health, my physical abilities, and helped me grow spiritually. I ran a marathon, and it changed my life.

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