10012469_1400847883519360_832552925_nMy name is Tim Price and this how I went from being “that guy with no shirt and American flag shorts” to The American Runner.

Life has a way of surprising you.

Yes I know that is a cliche but growing up in rural Warren, PA where hunting and snowboarding was all I thought about I never would have imagined I would find happiness in running.  But that is exactly what happened.

I was a decent mile runner in high school…never broke a 4:40…but it was never something I loved.  I had thought about running a marathon my senior year but it never became more than a fleeting thought.  Snowboarding on the other hand was all I thought about year round and in 2008 I started school at the University of Vermont where snowboarding and partying were much higher on my list than running. However during that freshman year I told a few of my friends I had thought about running a marathon and like a lot of people they thought I was crazy and bet I wouldn’t.  So I did the most logical thing…signed up for a marathon.

Skip over the winter and spring were not very much running was done and on May 17th, 2009 I was at the starting line of the Run for the Red Marathon in Stroudsburg PA.  It was a tough race… I was: under trained, not fueling or hydrating properly, and generally no f***ing clue what I was doing.  But after crashing at mile 18 and run-walking the remainder I finished in a 3:16:43 and thought “That’s done, time for something new”.  However I started running again and inevitably started looking at other marathons and that is when I found out about Boston.  I figured 6 minutes wouldn’t be too hard to drop (I needed a 3:10:xx in 2010 to qualify) so I figured I’d qualify, run Boston and call it a day.  My second go round at the Run for the Red I did qualify for Boston in a 3:10:49 (the minute “grace period” was still in play), ran it in 2011, and had the time of my life. By this time it was pretty clear to me and everyone else that running and racing had become my new obsession.

12523091_10156257589740478_995042493311790167_nSince I started this running journey in 2008 I have completed:

  • 36 Marathons (P.R. of 2:39:26) winning 4 of them
  • ~15 Half Marathons (P.R. of 1:15:59)
  • 7 Ultras (50k P.R. of 3:59:03)
  • And WAY too many shorter races to count…5k P.R. is somewhere in the mid 16:00s and 10k in the low 34:00s

I’m looking forward to many more years of running and chasing down my goals; because after all running is one of the few sports that can be done by people of all ages.  Sharing my passion and love for this sport is something I have always enjoyed, but it wasn’t until recently that it was something I did as more than a hobby.  After becoming a certified USATF Coach and A.C.E. Personal Trainer I have the pleasure of working professionally in the running (and larger health and fitness industry) as a coach and mentor.  Whether its working with someone to complete a first 5k or break a marathon P.R. I am incredibly happy to be working in the sport and industry I have come to love!

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  1. I love your story! I ran in high school and college and now getting back into it again! I’m from PA as well.

  2. Vacationing on HHI with my spouse in July 9 -16th. Hope to participate in the group run at WOB on Wednesday evening during that week. As an older guy, I appreciate your free spirit and enjoyment from running. It would be a kick to meet you sometime. Best wishes this summer.

    1. That’s great to hear Rich! I’m not sure if I’ll be at the run or not but I am usually working at the island store (which is right near World of Beer) Saturday-Tuesday. Hope to see you in a few weeks!

  3. Could You Do A Post On Your diet? I would love to know more about your thoughts on nutrition. Keep up the great work.

    1. I actually have a post written about my diet…just need to post it! Thanks for the feedback, I’ll work on getting it online over the next few days.

  4. Just found you on IG about a week ago and your posts are so motivating. I’m new to running (just started this year) and starting to train for my first half in April 2017. I’m looking forward to following your adventures!

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