Run Gum Product Review

There are have been a TON of innovations in the running industry over the last couple years; let alone what has changed in the past few decades.  Shoes, accessories, tech materials, nutrition, hydration, etc. have all gone thru fads and phases and will continue to evolve into the future.  Between becoming hopelessly addicted to running over the past 8 years and the time spent working at Palmetto Running I’ve had the opportunity to try out all sorts of stuff.  Some good some bad but all part of the learning process of running.

Recently I got the chance to try out Run Gum and HOLY CRAP these people are genius! First two things you should know about me…any run over 5 miles I can’t go without gum and I’m pretty sure I drink enough coffee to support an entire coffee bean farm.  I’m not sure what it is but I have always run with gum, for me it helps to keep my mouth from drying out.  I also drink coffee before almost every run and workout regardless of time of day or night.

And then there is Run Gum…gum + caffeine = best invention ever!  When I first tried Run Gum I wasn’t sure what to expect for taste and gumminess but they nailed it!  Everything about taste and consistency is like normal gum but that kick of caffeine is AWESOME!  I have found Run Gum is the perfect pick-me-up for the later stages of longer training runs and races.  I also really like how you can get an energy boost without consuming anything like a gel.  At least for me during those lost several miles of a marathon I want a quick burst of energy but don’t want anything in my stomach and Run Gum has perfectly filled that void.

On a side note Run Gum is also great for any other time you need to just that extra edge or to stay awake.  This stuff was great for the 13 hour drive I made from SC to PA…the perfect thing to make it thru those early morning hours.

Give Run Gum a try whether it’s during a hard workout or a late night, this stuff does not disappoint!

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