Time for a Change

To me it seems like I’m one of those people who spends 2-3 years in a place before getting the itch to go somewhere different. Experience new things. Go on new adventures.  See what this beautiful world has to offer.  I have officially left South Carolina and am in the midst of figuring out where I want to go and what I want to do next.  The Lowcountry is a beautiful place and the weather sure beats what I ran in today…40 degrees, windy and rainy…but for me its name was its own undoing.  The LOWcountry was just plain too flat for me.  After running in places like Hawaii, Bermuda, and Virginia I quickly realized one thing: I miss the hills and mountains I grew up in.  There is just something I love about rolling hills, brutal inclines, mile long descents, and everything else that I took for granted growing up in the Appalachians of NW Pennsylvania.  Even tho I am enjoying being back home in Warren right now I know it won’t take long before I’m ready to take off and get to somewhere different.  I spent 18 years in little ‘ol Warren PA and during my run today saw first hand how little has changed around here.  Except for a few more closed down storefronts, houses falling further into disrepair, and never ending road work just in a different part of town Warren is the same it was when I left for college 8 years ago.  In those 8 years I’ve lived in 3 states, had 6 different job titles, and traveled all over the country to run.  Some people are okay with the status quo and are resistant to change or new things but I have found there is something about the unexpected and a new challenge that I will always be drawn too.
Overall this post has very little to do about running…other that has probably been the only constant in my life of the past 8 years.  Wherever I have gone, whatever I have done for a job, friends I have met and lost, I have always run thru it.  That, to me, is part of the beauty of running.  You don’t need anyone to fill out a team or roster, you can do it literally almost anywhere, for a cheapskate like me there can be little cost involved (that is until you talk about racing which explains why I am pretty much perpetually broke), it keeps you looking and feeling good, and most importantly it can make a person feel truly free.
Anyway I am not sure where I will be headed or what I will be doing (I’m open to suggestions on both!!) but one thing I do know: I will be running.

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