The Boston Marathon – 2016

This year I ran my 5th Boston Marathon and what I have to say has been my favorite run from Hopkinton to Boston so far.  Not only was the race an absolute blast but the whole weekend was an all around incredible time.

One of the reasons I keep going back to run Boston every year is to see friends and family.  Most of my friends from college live in Boston which means I have a couch to crash on and since I don’t drive the Ford Hotel up there free housing is taken care of!  Getting to reconnect with the guys I lived with in college is a great way to start the weekend.  This year I was also luckily enough to have my family come up and visit.  With my older sister and her husband returning from a 2 year stay in Ghana this was the first time my family had been together in a long time. To make the weekend even better Natalie was able to run and spend the weekend in Boston.



Now on to race day.  It was a great day to run…a little on the warm side but living in the Lowcountry it was nothing out of the ordinary.  That warm weather did make for a great time in Athlete’s Village leading up to the race.  It’s amazing how many familiar faces you run into in a crowd of thousands but every year I see some of the amazing friends I have made throughout the running community.  These hours spent waiting for the start are a great time to just relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

The race itself was an absolute amazing time.  No I didn’t run a P.R., course P.R., or anything like that.  I have never actually raced Boston…for me The Boston Marathon is a celebration of all the previous years accomplishments and a time to not think about time but have as much fun as humanly possible during a 26.2 mile run.  This year’s race was no exception. I ran the first 14 miles with a friend and training partner from Bluffton but a progressive tightening of a calf had me drop the 6:15 pace we were at.  Getting to run the first half of such an iconic race with a good friends is something I will never forget.  Ben has a similar outlook about Boston as I do: to enjoy the experience and interact with the crowds as much as you can.  The crowd interaction is the number one reason I look forward to Boston every year.  High fiving people, stopping to see friends and family, drinking whatever beer people handout, and just feeding off and helping to build the hype is what makes this race so special. I have to say that if you ever run Boston consider running it without a time goal and appreciate the 1,000,000+ spectators and what an incredibly strong and vibrant community running has become in Boston.

Getting to spend the weekend with Natalie was wonderful.  Introducing her to the family members she hadn’t met, friends from Warren, and just getting time together is one of the major reasons Boston 2016 has been my favorite so far.

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So in closing my advice to you on running the Boston Marathon is kick back, relax, don’t look at your watch, and ENJOY 26.2 MILES OF THE BIGGEST PARTY RUNNING HAS EVER KNOWN!!

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  1. I’ll continue to say, you guys are such a cute and energetic couple. So happy to read about how to enjoy the Boston marathon, and just maybe one year I’ll get to Boston to do it.

    1. Thank you! Can’t help but have a good time when Natalie is around. If you do make it to Boston be sure to take full advantage of it!!

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