5 Marathons in 5 States in 5 Weeks…DONE!

It has been a week since I finished the last of November’s 5 marathons.  Although I fell short of my goal of finishing out the month in sub-3s…I ran Space Coast Marathon in 3:24…I am happy with and proud of my accomplishment.  First things first recaps of the last 2…


  • Magnolia Marathon: 2:58:57

I thought this was a pretty awesome event.  With around 50-60 people in the full marathon it was definitely the smallest marathon I have done.  For the first 5ish miles I ran with the woman (Meggan Franks) who won the half marathon and then spent miles 16-20 running with the eventual winner of the race, James Pearce, who is on a quest of running sub-3s in every state.  It was really cool to just run with both these incredible athletes and chat about running, life, and anything to distract ourselves from the task at hand.  Lesson #4: Runners are freakin awesome people and I am truly blessed to be part of the Running Community (This is reinforced at EVERY race I go to…runners really are just super cool, happy, supportive, and all around good people)

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  • Space Coast Marathon: 3:24:18

I was not overly disappointed with my results at Space Coast, even tho it was considerably slower than what I was hoping for.  I had a feeling this race wouldn’t go as planned very early on…say about an hour before race start.  That feeling came from the fact that every gas station, convenience store, coffee shop, etc was closed at 5:30.  Well all except for one near the start that had an hour or longer wait… Bad news?  No crap that’s bad news…literally no crap.  Anyway it didn’t seem to bother me till about 9 miles in…then a heavy, uncomfortable feeling started to build in my stomach.  Jumped into a Porta-John at mile 11…Nothing.  Then from about mile 16 on I hit a Porta-John at just about every aid station.  All with the same result. Nada, Nothing, Zilch.  Although I felt like I needed to lighten the load it wasn’t going to happen and any time I got going faster than a 7:30 pace I felt like I was literally going to shit myself.  Would I have?  I don’t think so but I didn’t want to spend a 5 hour car ride regretting that decision to push thru.  My legs were also just pretty tired and worn out from the previous 4 weeks so I was cool to take it easy, use walk breaks, and not Radcliffe myself.  Lesson #4: Coffee, coffee, coffee. I vow to have a thermos of coffee in my truck at all times when going to a race.

Anyway the coolest part of Space Coast (and any race for that mater) was, like usual, the people.  Runners, volunteers, and spectators all took part in the theme and dressed up as anything Space related.  My girlfriend Natalie (Leia) and her sister Jess (Vader) went all out with their spectating.


It was also great to see friends from past races.  Meeting people at races has always been a top prerogative for me and it is so cool to be at a race where you have meet a ton of people at previous events and to catch up on everything.  This is why I love racing…it brings people together.  It’s the reason I stay at the after party of races…to hang out with old friends, meet new people, hear their stories, and just connect over a common interest.

I met the people in the two pictures below at my all-time favorite marathon…Tomoka Marathon in Ormond Beach.  It was great to see them again, catch up and hear how everything is going.  Without people like this running just wouldn’t be the same.  Can’t wait to see them again (and hopefully you) at Tomoka in 2016!!










Nat and I met Carrie earlier in the year in Tampa at the Gasparilla Distance Classic.  To have someone come up to us, remember both our names, and just be so excited and happy to see us is something I will always cherish.  I am already getting stocked to get back down to my Tampa for the GDC which I consider to be the best all around event I have been to…ever!


All-in-all I am very pleased with how November went.  It was a ton of fun, I got to travel to places I’ve never been, knocked another 2 states off that 50 states list that everyone is secretly keeping ;), remained largely uninjured, and most importantly got to hang out with some awesome runners.  There will be more to come on the 5-in-5-in-5 in the next couple weeks.  Now time to prepare for the next race!!

**Photo Credits for this post and a ton of others to the AMAZING Natalie Dyrli**

6 thoughts on “5 Marathons in 5 States in 5 Weeks…DONE!

  1. 5 marathons in 5 weeks is incredible! I’m super impressed! Thermos of coffee, haha! Smart idea. Heavy stomach on the course is no fun!

  2. You are such an inspiration and i hope that one day i can be just as dedicated to running. Your fire never burns out and that is awesome. Thanks for keeping me motivated to keep hitting the pavement

    1. Thanks Laurie! Running has been a huge part of my life, especially in the last 6 years. When I started out in distance running I wouldn’t say I loved it. Check out the “My Story” post for more details but because of a bet I ran my first marathon and thru that process I fell in love with every part of this incredible sport.
      Keep it up!

  3. Awesome!!! What kind of mileage it takes to run 5 marathons in 5wks? What is the recovery to be able to run the following week?

    1. Thanks Shawanna! I rarely go over 55 miles a week…during peak marathon training I may cross 60 miles once or twice. High mileage scares the crap out of me. I didn’t run any of those races too hard but am gifted with a naturally quick recovery time. I only ran a few times in between the marathon and everything was short and relatively slow. Hope all your running is going well!!

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