3 Down 2 To Go

With 3 of the 5 November marathons done I have definitely had to reassess my goals for the 5-in-5-in-5 as well as taken away a lesson from each experience.  These last 3 weeks have been a little crazy…having run 3 marathons in a span of 14 days, having my girlfriend spend the month of November racing and travelling with me, working full time, dabbling in personal run training, getting my own (albeit very abbreviated) training in, planning the next two weekend trips, and concepts for a hobby/business/stress reliever (more to come on this once race season slows down…).  However on my run this morning I finally took the time to asses where I am and how I want to finish out the last two marathons of November.  First things first: very brief race recaps, evaluations, and lessons learned…

  • TCS New York City Marathon – 3:00:00

I was not overly happy about my performance in NYC.  I was hoping to run low/mid 2:40s but just couldn’t get my legs going like they should.  That being said everything else about the whole event was incredible.  I’m still amazed by NYRR and how well organized and seamlessly run this entire weekend was.  However I think one NYC Marathon is enough for me.  I have found I do not particularly like the very large (10,000+ participant) running events and I generally seem to produce a subpar performance.  Lesson #1: I am a small race kinda guy12193555_1631517780452368_6005020901118506698_n


  • Rock ‘N Roll Savannah Marathon – 8:00:00

If you haven’t heard of what happened at Savannah here is a recap
This race was a complete disaster for me and 1000s of other runners.  After being detoured, without being told, and cutting 2 miles off the race and already being in a pretty terrible physical state I walked the last 3 miles.  Anyway I was such a mess that at the end I ended up getting an IV at the medical tent.  My non-official ‘official’ finish time was around 3:52 but I figured it took me another 4 hours to walk the two extra miles many of us were shorted.  Regardless I have realized that I am not a very good humidity runner…I’m actually terrible at dealing with humidity.  Savannah just served to reinforce what I learned in Kauai and this summer while training in high humidity.  Lesson #2: My Northern blood still hates high heat and humidity.


  • Anthem Richmond Marathon – 2:57:20

After two disappointing races I put together a performance I was happy with.  Although it was only 3 minutes faster than NYC I physically felt much better, ran smarter, and just had a more enjoyable on-course experience.  I spent the first half running with three of the elite women which was one of the coolest experiences.  We went thru the half at 1:20 and then they kicked it into another gear. Instead of pushing to keep with them I kept reminding myself I have another 3 marathons over the next 4 weeks and dropped into a more comfortable pace and even did some walking when my quads started to protest.  I finished this race in under 3 hours, was much less fatigued than either NYC or Savannah, and just had a fantastic experience.  That led me to Lesson #3: No matter what enjoy the experience and run smart.


So going into my next two races I have set forth the goals of: 1) Truly enjoying the race experience 2)Always run smart and listen to your body and 3) Run sub-3s but not at the risk of injury or over-taxing myself.

After the November wraps up keep a lookout for a post about my entire experience of running 5 marathons, in 5 states, in 5 weeks.

3 thoughts on “3 Down 2 To Go

  1. 5-5-5! That’s so awesome 😊 You and Natalie look great and it was cool meeting you all at the Meridian Marathon. I share many of the same outlooks you do, about running and its place in the scheme of things. You seem to echo what I’ve found so inspiring about the Tao Te Ching.

    1. Thanks William! That was one of my favorite races and I think it is Nat’s favorite half marathon…ever. I know it was a P.R. for he which is pretty awesome. Hope all is well and to run with you soon!

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